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The importance of pet grooming

Guide for pet owners


  • If your pooch loves to get into everything, enjoys long muddy walks and not staying clean.... generally being a dog then this is the guide for you!


Helpful tips for a quick easy groom at home in-between grooming appointments.

Most pet owners think that it is very time consuming grooming your dog at home especially if you have the more desired high maintenance breed and cut......... its a LIE!!


Once your pet has had a professional grooming service and is knot free (very important) then it’s easy peasy to keep on top of only a 5minute tickle every couple of days


Or a 10 minute session twice a week...... think of it as your arm exercise instead of lifting weights at the gym!


  1. Tools needed for this job are 1 slicker brush 1 metal comb and some de tangle spray you can pick these items up from grooming websites or at most pet stores depends of what brands you are after.

  2. Second thing is time set time aside specially for this task to keep your pooch looking pretty.


Right let’s get started.... it’s the weekend and you have just come back from a long wet, muddy (but fun) walk. First you need to towel dry your damp doggie but please do not rub the coat as this will cause matting of the fur. Gently squeeze out any excess water and muck from your dogs coat.


Next use your de tangle spray on any areas of your dogs coat that is likely to get knotty for example if your pooch has a harness and or collar then spray these areas as they often rub on the coat when our pet is out on a walk and so will cause knots .... Pay special attention to the armpits chest neck and behind the ears.... these spots are often over looked until its too late and past redemption.


Now the best part...... leave your pet alone for its fur to dry naturally


When your pooch is dry pop him or her up on a higher surface on a non slip mat or towel you can use your kitchen worktop or table... this is just so you pooch knows it’s not playtime as trying to brush your pet of the floor will 1 hurt your back (not fun) and 2 invoke playtime as its now considered a challenge to your dog to try and either run off or take that pesky brush out of your hands as its obviously getting in the way of you being able to stroke them.   


If you are not confident that your dog will stay on the high surface and not jump then get a family member to stand and hold your pooch giving words of encouragement “good boy / girl” and rewarding good behaviour i.e. treats


When you are all ready start brushing with your slicker brush lifting the hair and working from root to tip in a routine so your dog knows what is happening also if you're brushing a bit here and there you will be missing spots and not accomplish very much... so work in a routine I like to start with the back leg and work forward but that’s just me you find a routine that works for you and your dog.


Once you have finished an area go through it with your comb and check.... combs are great at finding any missed bits.... if your comb snags in the fur... you’ve found a tangle so re-brush that bit again..... stay with it you will get there, you will get faster the more you do it and who knows the more your pooch gets groomed and used to it they should become relaxed and accepting of it ... I bet you could even get to a stage where your pooch will sit on your lap and be groomed while your catching up on your favourite TV show! ..... now that’s therapy for you and your dog.


There really is no better feeling than when you and your dog can enjoy the grooming experience and strengthening your bond through it. Trust me it’s very relaxing and enjoyable xxxxx

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